How does it work

Norner offers advanced OTR, WVTR and CO2TR Barrier Calculators. Now with several new features.


You can access each calculator via the buttons and for each of these you can select between different geometries; film, cup, bottle and cuboid. This enables you to simulate your target package design. The calculating models gives you estimates of the O2 (oxygen), Water Vapour and CO2 Transmission Rate of various plastics packaging material like PP, PE, PET, PA and EVOH.

These barrier properties of coextruded, co-injection multilayer and in-mould-label solutions can be studied and evaluated by adding layers of the geometry or IML.

The combination of geometrical options, permeability properties and environmental conditions provides a useful tool for design and development.

NEW feature: CO2 transmission rate calculators

  • Calculation of CO2TR with constant CO2 concentration on one side
  • Calculation of CO2TR with a declining CO2 concentration - as in MAP packaging

NEW feature: simulation of variation in conditions as in the logistic chain

  • You can now add a sequence of conditions as you experience in the logistic chain with different temperatures and humidity

Calculating steps

  • Define geometry parameters (e.g length, radius, height, width)
  • Choose materials (define layer material and thickness)
  • Add as many layers as needed
  • Define environmental conditions (temperature, humidity etc)
  • Alternatively, add more conditions in a sequence
  • Push “calculate” and view the calculation results


Free version

All four calculators are offered in a free version which include

  • Relevant selection of materials
  • Up to 5 layers for extruded films and blow moulding
  • 1 layer for cup and cuboid plus 1 layer IML
  • Calculation for one set of conditions


Payable version

All four calculators are offered in a paid version which include

  • Wide selection of materials
  • Free number of layers for extruded films and blow moulding
  • Free number of layers for cup and cuboid as well as the IML
  • Free number of conditions can be calculated in a sequence 
  • Unsubscribe at any time
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